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20th May 2022:

Record number of dams removed from Europe’s rivers in 2021.

Record number of dams removed from europe rivers in 2021 Click to view.

20th May 2022:

Shad are being caught on the system and are a fully protected endangered species, these fish cannot even be targeted by anglers. Do not remove from the water. The Good Practice Guide is updated to include shad.

28th September 2021:

The Angling Trust and Salmon & Trout Conservation (S&TC) have today delivered a major report – ‘Time to Fix The Broken Water Sector’ – to Government on the management and regulation of the failing water and sewerage sector. It takes the form of a ‘shadow’ strategic policy statement (SPS) to set priorities for the industry and the regulator OFWAT which Ministers are obliged to publish ahead of each five-year investment round.

Time to Fix the Broken Water Sector Click to view.

24th September 2021:

The River's Trust "State of our Rivers" Report

State of Our Rivers Click to view.

28th August 2021:

Fish Legal action on the Mole pollution incident.

Fish Legal Press Release Click to view.

9th July 2021:

EA Notice - Red Skin Dissease

We are having a few salmon turn up on the Tamar with red skin disease this year (this has happened in previous years as well), could you and your clubs/associations please let me know if we have any observations of this in north Devon?

I’m looking to get to meet as many of you on site this month as I can fit in, so I’ll get in contact separately to look at this. Look forward to seeing you again, or for the first time for those I haven’t managed to meet yet.


Callum Underhill
Fisheries Officer
North Devon (Taw, Torridge and Lyn) BSc Hons, MIFM
Incident Hotline 0800 80 70 60

9th July 2021:

Southern Water dumped raw sewage into sea for years. Click here to read.

28th May 2021:

Salmon and Trout Conservation Campaign

Salmon and Trout Conservation are running a campaign for a Parliamentary Petition; "Give the Environment Agency the funds and freedom to protect English rivers"

Freshwater habitats- rivers, lakes and streams and all their associated wildlife need your help.

We are asking you to sign, and share as widely as you can, Salmon & Trout Conservation’s Parliamentary Petition “Give the Environment Agency the funds and freedom to protect English rivers”.

Please sign the petition here:

The Environment Agency needs to be shorn of Government directions to put the economy before the environment and it needs the funding to enforce existing legislation without fear or favour. Our report “Doing its Job” exposed its lamentable failure to protect our rivers and their wildlife. We want your support to give the EA the mandate and money to stop the decline.

We need 100,000 signatures to get a debate in Parliament and have until 24 November to achieve our target. It is a big ask but with your help we can do it.

Please give it a big nudge on social media and get all your contacts to do the same.

Thank you!

Dr Janina Gray | Head of Science and Policy/ Deputy CEO

19th April 2021:

AGM 2021

The 2021 AGM was successfully conducted on Zoom on Friday 26 March 2021 and was well supported. Members may be interested to read the Outgoing Chairman's remarks as published in his 2021 River Report:

Attached Here

8th April 2021:

What's lurking beneath the surface of your local river?The Rivers Trust Sewage Map.

23rd March 2021:

Filleigh Weir Fishpass

Unlike the Larinier fishpasses fitted at Clapworthy, Colleton and North Molton, the Larinier at Filleigh had a metal grill fixed along the top. This caused the fishpass to block with debris from time to time and prevent fish access – see picture below left. Clearing it was a difficult and time-consuming job. Last Sunday a team led by Eddie Rands removed the grill – see picture below middle. This was done with the permission of the Castle Hill Estate. The fishpass is now running clear – see picture below right – and will continue to do so.

Filleigh Fish Pass Grill Blocked     Filleigh Fish Pass Grill Removing     Filleigh Fish Pass Grill Removed

Alex Gibson

19th March 2021:

Pollution incidents and physical damage to fisheries.

Recent unfortunate incidents on our river have shown sadly that it is not enough for riparian owners to expect the EA to step in automatically and prosecute when a beat or its stock of fish is damaged. A civil claim will probably be the only option.

If a riparian owner is not a member of Angling Trust/Fish Legal there will be the awkward decision about whether or not such an option can be afforded. Even if the EA prosecutes, the riparian owner affected may still wish to pursue a civil case.

Membership of Angling Trust/Fish Legal is therefore highly recommended – Fish Legal is currently working on two civil cases on our river, one on the Mole and one on the Upper Taw.

Alex Gibson

17th March 2021:


In order to submit a bid or bids simply e-mail your bid as follows

Title your bid "RTFA 21 AUCTION"

Send it to:

Your bid or bids must contain your name, contact e-mail and tel no. Lot number (s) and the details of your bid(s).

Where there is more than one person bidding for a particular Lot we will periodically update the bid status (ie where the bid stands) to those interested parties thus enabling further bidding.

Bidding will close at Midnight on Friday 9 Apr and the successful bidders will be informed within 72 hours of the end of the Auction. Payment will be by BACs transfer, details of which will be provided to those successful bidders and points of contact will be issued on receipt of payment.

You do not need to be a member of RTFA to bid although we would appreciate your support.

To download the auction list click Here

28th February 2021:

RTFA AGM March 26 2021

River Taw Fisheries Association AGM online scheduled for 1800hrs Fri 26 Mar 21

Details and Invitations to attend will shortly be e-mailed to members.

Details of RTFA online auction of fishing will also be released soon. All proceeds are spent on habitat restoration and water quality work. If you are yet to become a member please join and add your support to the cause.

12th February 2021:

Farm Pollution

See link below. This is what the Taw system is up against. There is nothing wrong with the rules they are simply not applied. There is no serious attempt at enforcement. This is why we are forced to spend money every year on gravel washing.

Farm Pollution.

Alex Gibson

5th February 2021:

Taw Fishing Club 2021 Newsletter

To read the newsletter click Here

15th January 2021:

EA Rod Catch Returns

Most of you will have sent in your returns by end 2020 as required. This is a brief reminder to those of you who haven’t to do so as soon as possible. The EA rod catch numbers are official and form the basis for calculating the health of our fish stocks. The beat survey which we conduct internally while instructive is not official.

Alex Gibson

25th November 2020:

New North Devon Fisheries Officer – Callum Underhill

Replacing Paul Carter who retired in April we now have Callum Underhill as our new fisheries enforcement officer. Like Paul he will cover the Taw, the Torridge and the Lyn, no small challenge.

Callum comes to us from the neighbouring Wessex Area where he has been undertaking a similar role. He has expertise of fisheries matters and already has some knowledge of Devon catchments. Paul Carter will be sharing his knowledge and experience with him. This is all excellent news for us on the Taw. When circumstances permit the RTFA Committee will be able to meet him and discuss Taw issues.

Alex Gibson

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